Vakusep - the separation that is a little different

Vakusep is a small plant technology, usable on all processing businesses, that enables the farmers to directly influence the nutritional balance of their farms. This separation system is designed for continuous use. This makes for a smaller design of the technical components. This leads to improved maintenance ease, minimal wear and low energy consumption. The BETEBE extra fine separator is suitable for pig and cow manure, fermentation residues and sewage sludge.


Your advantages:

  • Maximum biogas potential in the solid matter.
  • High phosphate content in the separated solid matter.
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with an underfloor dunging system.
  • Guaranteed separation of thin substrates like sow and piglet manure.
  • Modularly built with low maintenance designs.
  • Can easily be adjusted to every location.
  • Self-adjusting wiper lips at the discharge screw conveyor.
  • Active debris removal to get rid of metallic and non-metallic debris.
  • Integrated interval-controlled cleaning of the fine sieve.
  • Adjustable dry matter content of the discharged solid matter.



  • Throughput per unit: approx. 4m3/h*
  • Energy consumption approx. 0,10€/m3 substrate.*
  • Weight: approx. 600kg
  • Measurements L x W x H: 1,40m x 1,20m x 2,40m
  • Made out of stainless steel, screw conveyor out of PE
  • Filtration unit 20 – 200 Micrometer
  • TS-Separation approx. 50%*
  • TS-Content in the solid matter (adjustable) 20 – 30%*
  • P-Separation approx. 30 – 60%*

*Depending on type, condition, age and TS-content of the substrate.

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