BETEBE sloped floor scrapers

Sloped floor stables are playing a more and more important role on farms. It is an especially interesting topic for owners of biogas plants, because the dung from sloped floor stables is a valuable raw material. BETEBE offers two different kinds of scrapers for sloped floor stables to ensure that the dung is cleaned from the stable on time, operationally reliable and most importantly as cleanly as possible.


  1. V-Scraper
  • Exceptionally robust construction
  • Animal friendly adjustment that makes it easy to step over
  • Excellent cleaning results that are gentle on the floor through rubber lips underneath the scraper
  • Scrapes onto a subjacent trough or a clearing surface.
  • Folds during the runback so it doesn’t collect any dung
  • Galvanized
  • CE certified


  1. Box scraper
  • High operational reliability, because manure that’s piled too high falls over the scraper and will be collected during the next scraping or by the stabilizer
  • No guide rail necessary because of the additional stabilizer
  • Very animal friendly due to its specialized construction and low installation height
  • Scrapes onto a subjacent trough or a clearing surface
  • Galvanized
  • CE certified

Sloped floor stables