Spare Parts

In general, we have spare parts for all of our systems in stock. You can order these vie E-Mail ( or telephone (+49 2564 3959561). You can also order spare parts using our contact form. Just a few clicks and the spare parts are on their way to you.


Cow cleaning brushes – brush body

Whether for the Simplex or the Duplex brush, you can order replacement brush bodies using the above stated contact data.

For the Duplex brush, you need to tell us whether you need to replace the horizontal or vertical brush.


Dunging systems – drive wheel

To make sure that we send you the correct drive wheel, you should proceed as follows: measure the length of 27 chain links (outside – outside) in at least three separate locations of the part of the chain that runs over the drive. Then provide us with those three measurements so we can send you the correct drive wheel.


Dunging system – vulkollan splashback

The cleaning strips of the scraper flaps are in stock on rolls of 3,25m length. Just measure the required length on the scraper and provide us with said measurement so we can send you the correct amount of rolls.