Ever since BeTeBe was founded in 1998 by Antonius Bengfort, Heinz Werner Temminghoff and Ralf Bennink, it has produced long lived technology for the automation of stables.

Now, as a medium sized company, BETEBE GmbH with its roughly 50 employees is a globally active company.


Milestones of BETEBE

1998 – Development and installation of the first scraper on the Bengfort Farm in Wennewick.

1999 – Business registration of the GmbH

1999 – Production of the first installations in an old chicken coop / car garage

2000 – Rental of the first production facility with 600sqm on Karl-Benz-Straße

2004 – Construction of our first production facility with connected offices (1400sqm) on Max-Planck-Straße

2007 – Construction of the first storage annex (700sqm)

2009 – BETEBE is awarded the “Innovationspreis Münsterland” an award for innovation

2010 – Construction of our second production facility, our so called “robotfacility” (1.000sqm)

2010 – Extension of our first production facility by 500sqm

2010 – Finalist for the “Großen Preis des Mittelstandes” an award for medium-sized companies

2011 – BETEBE wins the award „Großen Preis des Mittelstandes“

2012 – Construction of our second storage facility (400sqm)

2014 – Extension of the second storage facility by 400sqm

2014 – Construction of our shipping hall (300sqm)

2015 – BETEBE is awarded the “De Gouden Mispel” award in the Netherlands

2016 – New construction of our production facility (2.300sqm) with an office complex of 240sqm