Circuit Drover

  • Solid, heavy, sophisticated and low maintenance design.
  • Mechanical pressure protection: if the pressure on the cows is too high, the drover stops and automatically moves back a little.
  • Cows are gently driven towards the milking parlour.
  • Calm moving cow traffic without stress.
  • No waiting times during the change to the follow-up group.
  • The follow-up group has ample time to get to the newly vacant collection area
  • A relaxed, stress free stay in the collection area makes for relaxed milking and contributes to better milking results and efforts.
  • High throughput performance, ideal for milking carousels and group milking parlours.
  • Made for continuous use in large facilities.
  • Usable in collection areas up to 10,5m radius in size.
  • Collection areas with slatted floors can optionally be cleaned with a scraper.
  • Lateral separation of the collection area with a view protection made out of reinforced fiberglass boards possible.
  • CE certified.

BETEBE Carousel Drover