BETEBE Milking Parlour Stalls – milking made easy and quick

The very robust BETEBE milking parlour stalls with either 60 or 80-degree positioning were developed from practical experience and in close cooperation with our customers.

The framework can easily be adjusted to every milking parlour or milking area. Our customers appreciate in particular the quick and yet animal friendly sorting with our well thought out bailing system. Not just the high throughput times, but also the special closeness to the animal, as well as the easy access to the udder for the milker make both systems unique. Whether you use a front exit or a quick exit along the pit, the cattle can exit the milking parlour along the wide walkways without bumping into anything.

The BETEBE milking parlour stall can be used with both swing-over as well as side-by-side milking technology of all manufacturers.



  • The hydraulic lifting technology enables very solid construction
  • Due to problems with freezing temperatures and high operational costs associated with it, it works completely without compressed air technology
  • Young animals can quickly find their way in our easy system
  • Bailing systems are essential for milking parlour stalls with feed
  • The framework is self-supporting and doesn’t need any high wall or supporting structures on the longitudinal sides
  • No need to assist the cow flow, the cow positions itself through the bailing system
  • CE certified