BETEBE foldable scrapers for solid flooring

Foldable / double fold scrapers

  • Excellent cleaning results due to solid construction in combination with abrasion-resistant rubber strips
  • You can choose between a chain drive or cable drive
  • For walkway surfaces of all kind – concrete, mastic asphalt, rubber floors or structural floors
  • Moves high volumes of both thick and thin manure
  • Dry walkways guaranteed
  • Easy to step over and thus very animal friendly
  • High operational reliability through an innovative, well-thought-out and solid system
  • No guide rail necessary
  • Galvanized
  • CE certified



  • Traversable hinged scraper, so called double fold scraper, that can be folded using a simple hinge



  • Optimal for stall runs with deep litter cubicles
  • Very good cleaning results thanks to the abrasion-resistant rubber strips
  • Operationally reliable, robust and animal friendly
  • Folds up during the runback
  • Guide rail required
  • Galvanized
  • CE certified

Dunging systems for solid flooring