Rail Mounted Drover

The BETEBE Rail Mounted Drover is a newly developed system to gently, and with the necessary calm, drive the cows to the milking parlour. The Drover is mounted on two lateral rails running over the floor, which makes for even driving. The solid construction in conjunction with the sophisticated design make for a unique system with high operational reliability. Additionally, the collection area is cleaned by the integrated scraper during the forwards and backwards run of the Drover.



  • Lifting doors operable out of the milking parlour.
  • While the first group is driven into the milking parlour, the follow-up group can wait behind the drover.
  • The follow-up group can easily step over the scraper and in front of the drover.
  • Very high throughput times.
  • Collection area is cleaned by the scraper during the runback.
  • Pulsed operation with acoustic stimulus makes for gentle driving of the cows.

BETEBE Rail Mounted Drover