BETEBE cable dunging system

The BETEBE cable dunging system makes for optimal cleaning results on all types of walkway variants, whether they’re low-emission, solid continuous, rubberized walkways or slatted floors. By using sophisticated technology in combination with robust construction we’re able to ensure a high operational reliability.

Thanks to the highly intelligent microprocessor control unit farmers can easily adjust for different walkway lengths, determine the position of the scraper, individually set the tensile force, program starting times and much more.


Advantages of the BETEBE cable dunging system

  • Individual tension control
  • Exact positioning of the scraper
  • You can choose between a floor mounting outside of the stable or on a tower inside of the stable
  • Driving winches made out of stainless steel
  • Suitable for stainless steel cables and synthetic fiber cables
  • Frost operation possible in conjunction with temperature sensor

Cable dunging system