BETEBE SmartScraper - all around machine for every type of stable

The SmartScraper combines the advantages of a stationary manure removal system with those of a mobile robot for slatted floors to ensure the greatest possible animal welfare in your barn. The system is suitable for cleaning individual aisles, whereby each aisle can be subdivided into different areas. This results in the possibility of certain aisles areas, e.g. calving boxes, transit rooms, etc. only for certain times with individual thrust and cleaning speed.
The positive-fit drive unit ensures indirect path measurement and energy-efficient cleaning of the animals’ walkway.
The slider is characterized by its enormous effectiveness, since it cleans the entire walkway with only one cleaning process.


The advantages of the SmartScraper:

  • easy installation in new and existing stables
  • There are various positive-fitted types of drive available which are adapted to the walkway.
  • simple and intuitive operation via SmartPhone App
  • very sensitive adjustment of the thrust
  • easy to adapt to a wide variety of walkways
  • guideway is not necessary
  • The very flat running rail and the compact design of the SmartScraper ensure a harmonious
    co-existence of animal and machine.


Different types of walkways or areas have different requirements:

  • animal identification
  • different speeds / shear forces
  • water-spraying device


In addition, it will be possible to complete the slide with the following sensors:

  • temperature
  • air humidity
  • air quality
  • brightness

The information from the sensors can help to enable a stabling automation and thereby improve animal welfare.

Picture gallery of the SmartScraper