BETEBE under-floor system

BETEBE has developed an especially robust under floor system specifically for pig and cattle stables. When using a biogas plant, it’s important to process fresh manure, which makes an under-floor slider system indispensable. To ensure high operational reliability, we use our proven abrasion resistant and low maintenance designs. Another advantage of using a BETEBE under floor dunging system is that you can use one system to clean multiple walkways, which makes it a cost-effective solution.

  • Usable in pig, cattle, calves and sheep stables
  • Multiple channels can be cleaned with one system
  • Available galvanized or in stainless steel
  • In pig stables the whole system is made out of stainless steel, including chain / cable and mechanical parts
  • Choose between stainless steel chain or cable drive
  • We used as few wear parts as possible to create a low maintenance system
  • Controlled by the proven BETEBE microprocessor control unit
  • Designed specifically for the conditions underneath slatted floors
  • CE certified